Research Positions for Graduate Students

Lab Members

The Griffin Lab is currently recruiting outstanding graduate students. The University of Delaware has a strong commitment to graduate training through research and teaching. If you are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in our laboratory in the Behavioral Neuroscience program of the Psychology Department at the University of Delaware, please contact me.

Research Positions for Undergraduate Students

Lab Members

If you are interested in pursuing graduate school in neuroscience or a related field, it is never too early to get involved in research. Undergraduate research assistants have the opportunity to perform a wide variety of tasks in our laboratory. Students typically earn course credit through their work in the lab and are encouraged to develop their own projects, which could culminate into a senior thesis, conference presentation and/or publication. We require that our undergraduate assistants:

  1. Make at least a two-semester commitment to working in the lab;
  2. Dedicate at least two hours daily to the lab (10 hours per week); and
  3. Hold a minimum GPA of 3.0.

If you think you meet these requirements, please send me an email detailing the neuroscience-related courses that you have taken and grades earned in each course, your future plans and research interests, and your availability.