Born in Chicago and raised in the Philly suburbs located in Bucks County PA. Growing up I was fascinated by birds and ornithology, but as I aged my interests regarding how our surrounding environment and the way we interact with it, grew as well. I attended University of Delaware where I earned my B.S. in Neuroscience. During this time, I mainly focused on the neural correlates involved in learning and spatial working memory as well as sleep architecture while working for Melior Discovery Pharmaceuticals. My interests surpass this specific field pouring over into confocal microscopy, pharmacology related migraine pain research, stress and anxiety influences on the epigenome, and how certain stages of sleep impact memory consolidation and in turn how that may impact learning and memory.


It is particularly important and relevant to continue research on these micro circuits we have helped define, since this will be the basis of knowledge when trying to later develop drugs that are able to target the specific regions that play a role in the acquisition of a memories, the retention of said memories and the processes involved in the retrieval in these memories. Discovering the biological and physiological constructs of how memories are shaped and the specific brain regions involved is the key to understanding how to combat neurodegenerative diseases that play such a huge role in the decline of mental health in our aging population. My interests away from the research include any type of outdoor activity from hiking to paddle boarding, to riding dirt bikes. I am also on track to get my pilots license this upcoming year, and I hope to finish my first neuroscience kids book to help children understand the role of neurotransmitters and hormones; particularly the importance of harmonious balance.