My name is Jackson Mace, and I am a sophomore neuroscience major with a biology minor. I came to the University of Delaware all the way from Santa Cruz, California in pursuit of an entirely new scene. Although I do genuinely miss surfing and skiing all within one day on the West Coast, the East Coast has enlightened me with what season differentiation actually looks like! I began working in the Griffin lab as a second semester freshman because I wanted to engage in what I am hoping to pursue - engaged neuroscientific research. Aside from my lab work, I take part in the NSCS Honors Society, the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors group, the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, NUCLEUS, the scuba diving club, the snow club, Making Doctors, and the Robotics club. Considering the future, I am working toward a PhD in neuroscience while conducting my own research; in this, I may choose to be teaching students at a university or choose to work in hospital research and neuropharmaceuticals.